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Symptoms may linger for years following TBI

When someone is hurt in a car accident the extent of their injuries will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. While some people involved in a collision will walk away with minor, if any injuries, other times people will be seriously hurt. When the injury is to the brain it has the potential to be particularly devastating.

Often difficult to diagnose, traumatic brain injuries may affect those who suffer from them in a variety of ways. While some people recover relatively quickly and do not have lingering symptoms, others are not so lucky. The injury could result in a loss of mobility or cognitive function as well as personality changes. Among other things, some people deal with headaches for a long period of time following a TBI.

According to a study conducted by the University of Washington Medical Center, it is possible that headaches can continue for five years following a TBI. At 60 months post-injury, 36 percent of participants in the study indicated they were still suffering from headaches either daily or weekly. While that information alone may be startling, even worse, participants in the study indicated the intensity of these headaches was quite strong.

As anyone who suffers from headaches can attest, they can disrupt the daily life of those dealing with them. The results of this study are important since it provides solid evidence of how for some who experience a brain injury, the treatment may need to continue long after other symptoms have faded.

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