"As soon as Greg Samuels became my lawyer, he handled my case with professionalism and unparalleled kindness. I could not afford to hire a lawyer for my cross border claim, so Greg agreed to help me on a contingency basis. Risking both money and time, we resisted escalating, six-figure offers to settle and ultimately received a jury verdict three times higher than the last offer, plus attorneys' fees awarded by the judge. I would be happy to elaborate-just ask him for my number."

- John Nouri, Richmond, B.C.

"I was injured in Washington State, when my family's minivan flipped on I-5 and I was ejected onto the pavement, suffering a severe head injury and orthopedic injuries. Greg took away my stress and anxiety both by ensuring that I was seen by the best medical experts and by maximizing my recovery. After achieving a jury verdict greater than $1.5 million, Greg pursued ICBC for my underinsurance (UMP) claim. ICBC initially offered me $100,000 to settle my UMP claim, and Greg was able to increase that to $500,000."

- B.T., Port Coquitlam, B.C.

"When I was severely injured in British Columbia as a passenger in a single vehicle accident with an American driver, I negotiated with his insurer, Farmers, and was prepared to settle for third party policy limits of $350,000 and my own underinsurance of $100,000. When I consulted Greg Samuels for his opinion and approval, he informed me that Farmers was obligated to increase my underinsurance (UMP) to $1 million, and he started both an UMP claim in B.C. and an insurance bad faith claim in Washington. Greg was able to recover $1.2 million for these two claims, bringing my total recovery to $1.55 million. Without his assistance, I would have substantially compromised the value of my claim."

-T.L., Las Vegas, NV

"As a British Columbia lawyer, I was cautious about associating with other counsel, but I knew that I would have to engage a Washington lawyer to maximize the recovery for my clients who were catastrophically injured in Washington State. Greg Samuels was fair and generous with an association agreement, and he was a pleasure to work with. He displays a thorough knowledge of the interplay of the laws of both the US and Canada, and achieved impressive results through multiple stages of litigation for my BC clients."

- M.Fahey, Vancouver, B.C.