Representing Injured Clients After A Car Accident

While mass transit remains an attractive option, the majority of people still rely on their cars to get from place to place. Whether that means driving to work, driving to school or simply running errands, roadways can be busy at any time — day or night. Depending on numerous factors, a car accident can result in catastrophic — or even fatal — injuries.

For the past 20 years, Cross Border Law has represented injured clients in both Vancouver, British Columbia, and Seattle, Washington. Our depth of legal understanding in both countries allows us to provide the legal guidance that individuals need to recover the full and fair monetary compensation they are owed. By working with the insurers, our lawyers can negotiate a beneficial settlement that accounts for lost wages, medical treatment, property damage, and pain and suffering. If a settlement cannot be reached, we are confident in pursuing the matter in court.

Helping Injured Clients In Both Canada And The United States

When you live in one country and were injured in another, the legal process can quickly become complex. It is wise to work with a lawyer who can answer your questions and provide legal direction that maximizes your compensation. Injury claims are not always battles. Most often, we are able to reach an efficient settlement with the insurer that is fair.

We are prepared to handle accidents involving:

No matter the complexity of your injuries or the factors that led to your accident, a skilled personal injury lawyer can provide the representation you need. Call or email either of our offices to schedule a free consultation.